On The Run Tour: Paris — Day 1

Oh my LORDDDD give me the strength to be breath when she’s in my presence
jump street with herrr 🙆🙆
a lil throwback from a few months ago the love locks bridge, paris 🌸 anyway got tagged by @imyikkay to do this so here it goes:
1. Full name is Aina Sarafina binti Izham 
2. Born on the 10th Feb 1998
3. I’m mostly rajin to do my work in class, but don’t study most of the time outside class 
4. I sucks in maths so much explains why I don’t take add maths
5. I wanna do good in art so much but no effort to do so
6. All I want to do with my life is to write, travel and anything to do with fashion
7. A sucker for love stories but never in a relationship 
8. Huge bookworm, recently been buying so much books
9. Liverpool FC supporter, following my dad’s footsteps #YNWA
10. Shopaholic (I buy too much black clothing)
11. Love Star Wars (got it from my mom lol)
12. Love Coldplay (pls come to malaysia)
13. I stalk a lot of ppl in Instagram (I mean who doesn’t really)
14. Love marvel movies (sadly not a reader for their comics)
15. Never liked veggies but I like fruits 
16. I get picky when it comes to food
17. Love to go food-hunting
18. Do a lot TV marathons especially during the holidays
19. Some ppl thought I’m mixed but I’m actually a pure malay.. I just don’t sound like one lol
20. Only my close friends has seen the bitchy side of me which most ppl think it’s rare
So yeah nope ain’t tagging anyone , y’all are welcome to do it without being tagged really 🙆